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LN-Unoco based in Brøndby, just outside Copenhagen, is a Danish Machine Factory with a history going back to 1952.

We deliver products to the machining industry. Products with low visibility, but significant. The "small" parts that keep the big together. One can also say that we keep the wheels turning, on ships and on oil rigs and many other places where there is a need for moving parts.

LN-Unoco has kept pace with the developments within in the machining industry. We have managed to preserve our unique qualities which are to be flexible and creative. We aim to act as partner to our customers from simple parts to well defined projects where we act as total supplier.

Our keywords are quality, service, flexibility and technical expertise. We believe it is our strength as a Danish-based subcontractor in a global world doing that little extra to make a difference.

Our staff has high seniority and considerable industry experience. We  develop our management tool ISO 9001 - 2008 as an ongoing process.

​LN-UNOCO A/S - a professional machine tool company


Søndre Ringvej 55

2605 Brøndby

Tel.: +45 3641 6000
E-mail: info@ln-unoco.dk
​CVR: 27419402