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​LN-Unoco's skill lies in handling pieces of between Ø100 mm and Ø2000 mm and between 50 mm and 5250 mm in length, as one-off pieces or in small batch quantities.

Regardless of their size, we take on projects from prototype through to final production.

LN-Unoco's ability to handle such a wide range of projects stems from the large variety of jobs we have been asked to do over the years. Sometimes a job involves machining very small scale pieces and at other times we could be working on pieces weighing over a 6 ton.

In order to offer such a broad range of solutions, we need to be flexible and creative. Our employees have a deep understanding of their machines and of manufacturing components from different engineering materials. Here are some examples:

​LN-UNOCO A/S - a professional machine tool company


Søndre Ringvej 55

2605 Brøndby

Tel.: +45 3641 6000
E-mail: info@ln-unoco.dk
​CVR: 27419402